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The time is now, go digital

DCIP Consulting joins as a Digitalising Agent to the SME Digitalisation Plan 2021-2025 and the Spanish Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan -Funded by the European Union- Next Generation EU (Digital Kit Programme) which consists of granting aid for the digitalisation of small companies, micro-enterprises and self-employed people.The aim is to contribute to the digitalisation and modernisation of these companies with the Digital Kit programme, which includes aid for the creation of a website and the management of social networks, among other services.

How much money can you receive?

  • Micro-enterprises and self-employed (between 1 and 2 employees): Up to 2.000€.
  • Small companies (between 3 and 9 employees):Up to 6.000€.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (10 to 50 employees):Up to 12.000€.

What services will we offer you?

Web design and Internet presence

We will create your company’s website or we will modernize it in case it is an obsolete website or it is not adapted to mobile devices. Generally we work with WordPress and we also manage the WPO to improve the performance of the web, that way you can get an excellent loading speed.

The cost of building a new website depends on several factors, the first of which is the complexity of the website (the more content, services and internal pages it has, and the more customized the design, the higher the cost). The second also depends on whether you provide all the graphic material and texts to be included in the website (providing a vector logo, photos, texts and content structure will make the work cheaper). The third factor is the languages in which you want to translate your website, if it is only in Spanish it will be cheaper than if we have to translate all languages.

  • Example 1. Informative website of a restaurant with 5 to 6 subpages, without online booking system, with a simple menu, incorporating the legal notes, incorporating the cookies policy and the corresponding notice and an average WPO optimization would cost approximately 1200€+VAT.
  • Example 2. Web of a clinic with 30 subpages explaining each of the treatments they offer, with a blog and translation into 3 languages could cost approximately 3000€+VAT.


We generally use Woocommerce and Prestashop to build online stores. We work both on a pay-per-product and pay-per-service basis. That is, we can manage online payments whether you sell physical products or services.

As we do with web pages we are specialists in WPO optimization to improve performance and reduce loading times on the web. As well as if the client requires it, we can work on Onpage and Offpage SEO to increase sales.

The cost depends largely on the size of the store and/or services offered, it also depends on the graphic quality in which you want to finish the store.

  • Example 1. A driving school requests to pay for its courses and internships through the web. For this purpose, these courses and internships are registered through Woocommerce and a Redsys payment gateway is implemented. The development cost is approximately 1000€ + VAT.
  • Example 2. A sneakers store with more than 60 pairs of different sneakers, with size management, shipping management, bank gateway (Redsys, Paypal and Stripe), cookie policy management, 2 languages optimized for SEO with independent sitemap, with WPO optimization (minification, UCSS, new generation images, etc..) the development cost would be around 3800€ + VAT.

Social Media - Social Network Management

It is important to give a boost in social networks, but you have to give that boost only in the social networks that can bring customers to your business. Therefore we will make an analysis of the situation to determine the potential customer profile and create an action plan to communicate your business on social networks.

The cost will depend on the social networks to be managed, it is not the same to manage only one social network than to manage several and in different languages. It is also not the same if we have to travel to obtain graphic material or if the graphic material is provided by the client.

  • Example 1. A shoe store that only wants to manage the Google Business profile and a plan to improve the comments in Google Business itself would cost approximately 30€/month.
  • Example 2. A restaurant that works on Instagram, where 6 or 7 publications are made per month, where the material we request for these publications, generally, is provided by the client and we make some audiovisual action of our own would cost approximately €180/month + VAT.
  • Example 3. A clinic with 3 social networks, with a communication strategy and plan framed in a global strategy, with a SEO plan attached to the social networks plan, with 15 monthly publications in each social network, in 2 languages, monthly report and in which it is necessary to travel several times a year to obtain graphic material would be framed in an approximate cost of 650€/month + VAT.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

The management of data captured from customers is essential for decision making at the business level. For example, to be more accurate in commercial calls, to improve the decision making process of the stock to buy or to determine how to guide the growth and expansion of the company.

In all these cases it is necessary to collect data and carry out constant processing to speed up and/or facilitate decision making.

The cost will depend largely on the amount of data to be processed, the type of data and the number of users/permissions to be developed for each user.

  • Example 1. A company that sells hundreds of products online and wants a control panel with selectors that allows you to generate reports of the estimated monthly stock in order to anticipate sales and have sufficient stock would cost approximately 200 € / month + VAT.
  • Example 2. A cosmetic surgery clinic requires a dashboard to visualize and/or export the most profitable services of the clinic based on the investment in the communication campaigns carried out. To do this you need to process; internal customer data, billing, campaign expenses, open rates of mailings sent, number of logins in the user intranet, open rate of SMS sent and also this solution needs to make queries via API to the billing program to obtain revenue / expenses. This would mean an approximate cost of 450€/month + VAT.

Customer management

Today, customer management can make the difference between selling and not selling. To do so, it is necessary to implement a CRM that fits your company like a glove.

At DCIP Consulting we specialize in customized CRM, for which we study the company’s business model and develop a customized solution for the client.

However, some clients have a simpler business model, which allows us to adjust with a CRM marketplace, in these cases we have worked with SugarCRM, Salesforce, Zoho and Hubsopot.

The cost depends largely on the complexity of the business model, depends on whether you want to do analytics and data processing for reporting, and depends mostly on the number of users accessing the CRM.

  • Example 1. A robotics company sells robots for the agricultural market and has a fleet of 3 sales people who want to manage the customers and quotes submitted. This would be a simple case of basic implementation that could be done with a marketplace CRM. The cost of management and adjustment of the CRM would be 1800€ + VAT. Subsequently, the system would have a maintenance cost of 40€/user/month+VAT.
  • Example 2. A cosmetics company wants to automate the process of selling its products to large wholesalers and/or distributors. This sales process is a complex process that not only goes through the sales people, but also requires a customized development that differs in each country where the company distributes. What’s more, you want to feed this CRM with a Benchmark to measure results and do analytics. The development cost could be around 8000€ + VAT. In addition, a maintenance cost of 90€/user/month+VAT

Virtual office

This service has been one of the most demanded last year due to COVID. It consists of implementing a system that allows users to work from home. But not only that, it is the perfect opportunity to digitize processes and group in “the cloud” all those documents that are necessary for the normal operation of the company.

It also allows for corporate e-mails, collaborative calendar management among employees, group videoconferences or increased security, since backups and versions of the different documents created are generated.

In order to carry out a correct implementation, it is necessary to plan and study the documents currently used by the company. Some will be moved to the cloud platform and others will need to be adapted to be compatible with the type of document that can be handled by the cloud tool.

At DCIP Consulting we like to recommend Google Workspace as the perfect tool for this service, but in some companies we have had to adjust to Microsoft 365.

The cost of the solution depends on the number of users and the number of processes or documents we have to adjust.

  • Example. A training school with 3 teachers and 1 manager asks us to adjust their multiple documents and excel to be compatible with Google Workspace. It also requests corporate accounts to share internal work calendars, corporate e-mails, and requests to be able to videoconference with students when they cannot come to class. In addition, he asks us for some of these documents that can be shared on an online teaching platform “Moodle”. The cost of managing this Workspace was €80 per user/month. In this case, as there were 4 users (3 teachers + the manager) the cost was 320€/month.

Process management

Imagine for a moment that many processes that a human does right now could be done by a computer.

For example, if you have monthly invoices that the system itself makes the invoice in the month that touches, with the appropriate concept and the invoice number that touches and send it to the customer and the company that manages the accounting. Something like this can be custom programmed (we use Laravel) for an approximate cost of about 1200€ + VAT / year.

For example, if you have to place an order every time you run low on stock you can also program the system to connect to your supplier’s API and execute the order.

For example, you are a restaurant or a hotel and you want to automate the whole process of reservations and payment gateway for those reservations. All with no human interaction, no guestbook, no errors. In addition, the system allows the user to access an information panel where he/she can modify/delete the reservation according to your conditions. Such a system has an approximate cost of 1500 € + VAT / year.

Electronic Invoice

The electronic invoice is also a simple digitalization of a process, as we have seen in the previous point.

It allows you to not have to depend on a PC to make the invoice, so you can make the invoice by accessing the Intranet and even the software allows you to send this invoice to the customer via email.

At DCIP we have a custom-made software with Laravel, which also connects with the CRM and allows data integration and export. The implementation cost is 1400€ + VAT/year.

Secure Communications and Encryption

Communications must be secure in any case, whether sending a simple email or making a payment through the online store.

It is therefore necessary to include SSL data encryption in any communication.

In addition, if your company has an Intranet there must be access protection, user permissions, access control both in Database and LOGS.

It is complex to define the costs of an implementation in this sense, for example implementing SSL on your website and your corporate email can cost about 30€/month + VAT. On the other hand, the implementation of security in an Intranet of a clinic that uses high protection data (according to LOPD) can cost more than 1000€/month.


Company computers are constantly accessing the Internet and downloading e-mails that can be a potential danger to the company’s network infrastructure or the employee’s own PC.

To this end, it is necessary to define a strategy to incorporate software that allows for the detection of Antimalware, Antispyware, Antiphishing, Analysis and detection of threats in general.

From 100€/month + VAT per user you can enjoy a suitable software that controls these dangers, although in companies with a large technological infrastructure and/or that require a customized configuration for each user, the cost can be considerably higher.

Advanced Internet Presence

Now you can take your company’s website to another level, for this it is necessary a more exhaustive study of competition and an analysis of those keywords that can attract potential customers. 

Onpage and Offpage SEO positioning will allow you to increase the visibility of your business in those searches that are necessary for your business to increase its attraction. In addition, all this must be accompanied by a good linkbuilding strategy.

Month by month we will analyze the evolution of the keywords optimized on your site, and we will incorporate new keywords to maximize your conversions.

From 250€/month + VAT


Now that you have an ecommerce in your company, it is time to promote it with a sales strategy beyond your own online store.

A good analysis of the competition and the definition of a business strategy will be necessary to choose the major platforms and reference catalogs in the market that will allow us to promote your products efficiently. These large Marketplaces will increase the visibility of your products and will allow you to reach your potential customers.

From 250€/month + VAT

Example of completed projects

In our list of projects we explain some examples of our work in detail.

How to apply?

  1. Register on acelerapyme and complete the self-diagnostic test
  2. Apply for the Kit Digital aid at the electronic headquarters (
  3. Then, when the catalogue of digitising agents is published (PENDING), choose and contact the digitising agent and sign the agreement within a maximum period of 6 months from the notification of the award of the digital voucher.

Eligibility criteria

You can consult the rules here